• Life is a practice

    "Your personal power lies in the small ways you practice being who you are and what you love..."

    what is the journey you're willing to create?

    Whatever your answer, that becomes your practice, and your life is simply a collection of such practices.

  • Where you Might Be Currently

    - You may be struggling to make movement on creative endeavors (short stories, poetry, novels, blogs, etc.).


    - You have a deep longing and desire to bring your creative words to the world.


    - You'd love a new way to see challenges and obstacles and achieve what you want.


    - You know you have some stopping points, but aren't quite sure what they look like, or you do and would love to find a way to move beyond them.

    Bottom Line: You have a vision for your creative work not yet reflected in reality and might be experiencing frustration, resignation, and/or cynicism about your dreams and goals.

  • What you'll Get

    - Tools and skills to help you shift your energy and actions toward creating what you LOVE.


    - Support to consistently advance your creative vision.


    - Greater productivity, clarity, focus, ease, and grace as you go… not to mention FUN!


    - The ability to move beyond stopping points that have held you back until now.


    - Being supported 100% by your coach and a community of other writers to stay on target with your goals and dreams.

    Bottom Line - Produce the work you love at the level you’d love with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

  • An All-Inclusive Program Designed for Your Creative Success


    - Bi-monthly group coaching sessions (75 minutes with less than 5 participants/90 minutes with 5 or more).

    - Monthly individual sessions (55-minute sessions).

    - Optional homework and exercises between sessions.

    - Monthly support videos, digestible at your own pace.



    - 8 months of focused support to energize your goals and dreams, as well as a tight-knit community you'll learn and grow with.

    - Groups meet by Zoom conferencing for the convenience and comfort of all members.

    - Individual sessions conducted by phone and scheduled privately with coach Michael.

    - Pricing and Plans: See below for details.



    - The Write Stuff Facebook Group - for resource sharing and community support, a common ground for successes and struggles.

    - Access to recorded group meetings posted to the FB group for anyone who misses a session.

    - Unlimited coach access. Text or email me anytime!

    - "The Write Night" monthly goal sessions offered in conjunction with other coaching groups.

    - Chances to score extra sessions... YES!

  • THE Visionary Plan

    • Includes monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with coach Michael in addition to all program amenities.
    • Multi-level success plan:  life goals in addition to creative goals.
    • Unlimited email and text with Michael, as well as brief check-ins by phone.
    • This plan is For those seeking to: Bring greater intersection and harmony between your passion and your paycheck. Former members have written novels, launched creative class series, created successful writing practices, and expanded their presence and reach as Authorpreneurs... in addition to topics around money, relationship, and work/life balance.
    • You're motivated and you'd like a more intensive program experience to produce results quicker.
    • Investment: $220/mo.


    • Includes bi-monthly coaching (3 hours/mo), all training videos and course content, unlimited text and email support, FB community access and "The Write Night" monthly goal sessions.
    • A focused approach to your creative goals.
    • This is for those seeking to: set and score writing goals, work through stopping points, create results in the form of completed work of any length, or begin the journey of authorpreneurship... in addition to whatever else may arise in your life!
    • You're motivated and want to walk the path of your goals and dreams.
    • Investment: $120/mo.

  • "The write Stuff" Member Testimonials


    Poet, Performer, and Youthworker


    "My coaching work with Michael has helped me clarify my creative goals and expose my attachment to my limitations.

    "Michael is kind and refreshingly straightforward. I appreciate the strategic accountability that is built into coaching, and I feel supported in creating and achieving actionable steps.



    "Most importantly to me, Michael is a coach who can laugh with me as I navigate the inner twists and roadblocks on the road to becoming the next best version of myself. There is a lot of productive laughter during our sessions."


    Student, Writer, and Thespian


    "The unbelievable thing about working with Michael is that it presents a real opportunity to improve intrinsic qualities about yourself.



    "Michael is someone with a rare gift for breaking down how we make decisions and view ourselves in life, and likewise is a rare gift to passionate people who desire to see tangible improvement in themselves.



    "This helped me have confidence in a speech of which I was previously certain that I couldn't memorize in two days, and I then went on to win three awards with the speech in my regional speech and debate tournament. Small but precise adjustments in my approach helped me to achieve something I would have never thought possible in just a week!"


    Mother and Author


    "Over the last several months, I have worked with Michael to address inner blocks, to shift the focus of my attention to the positive, and to create a vision statement for my life that has become a beautiful guidepost.


    "Michael’s support and encouragement have been invaluable to me as I have continued along the path of creating and sharing my work with the world.


    "He has an intuitive ability to get to the heart of the matter and to guide a spirit through a process of self-discovery that can, at times, be uncertain and fraught with fear. Somehow, on the other side, there is hope and empowerment, the belief that I am enough and I can manifest my dreams."

  • "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." - Rumi


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  • MIChael Michel

    Your "The Write Stuff" Coach

    Michael helps people go for what they're passionate about so they can make the impact they're here to make. He has worked with clients across America to cultivate the inherent creativity, passion, and dedication every individual has for that which is meaningful to them. Michael works with those who are a great fit, and currently serves clients passionate about: green business, medicine, poetry/writing, Krav Maga, music, education, art, business ownership, yoga, and youth work.


    Besides being a published author of short fiction and blogs, Michael is a table tennis enthusiast. He holds an MA in school counseling, a teaching certification in Neurolinguistic Programming, and is trained as a coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence. He has delivered coaching workshops to hundreds. Through his journey of service, he has come to see, with SUCH staggering clarity, a singular truth: everyone wants their goals and dreams to make a difference.


    Michael supports anyone he coaches to do just that. Join him in changing the world, one dream at a time.

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